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In the digital era, most businesses are faced with vast amounts of incoming data: sales data, income and expenditure, supply chain data, data on customers, website metrics and similar. The ability to analyse this data for trends and patterns that inform decision making has become a crucial function in almost any business field, and this is the job of Data Scientists. Data Scientists employ a combination of skills across various fields such as mathematics, statistical analysis, programming, artificial intelligence and data visualisation to analyse large dats sets from various sources. They employ scientific methods to spot trends and draw valuable insights which are increasingly used to fuel decision making processes in contemporary businesses, allowing them to effectively achieve their objectives and become more competent.

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"Australian Institute of Management Education & Training"

Learn to optimise your use of data to drive your business forward with this Data Insights for Business short course from Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Education and Training.

Australian Institute of Management Education & Training

Learn all about available AI technologies and how to use them to get the most out of them with this AI as Your CoPilot short course from Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Education and Training.