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Counselling professionals provide people with the guidance, assistance and advice they need to overcome personal problems or psychological issues. Many people seek counselling services at some stage in their life, whether to help them work through grief, solve relationship issues, or simply improve their quality of life.

Counselling courses prepare students to become counsellors in a variety of professional settings. As a counselling student, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with people to help them understand their thoughts, feelings and actions. You’ll gain the psychological knowledge and skills necessary to assist people in changing their mindsets and lives for the better.

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Hader Institute of Education

If you enjoy helping people in your community overcome various challenges and are looking for a gratifying career, then this CHC42021 Certificate IV in Community Services qualification from Hader Institute of Education could be the right choice for you.

UTS Online

Gain contemporary knowledge and skills to prepare you to harness the power of psychology in your work with UTS Online's Graduate Diploma in Psychology. This course is for professionals from various backgrounds and industries with no qualification in psychology.

Hader Institute of Education

If you are looking for a gratifying career based on helping others live their best lives by helping them overcome issues associated with mental health, then this CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health qualification from Hader Institute of Education is the perfect course to get you started.

Hader Institute of Education

If you are looking to build a career based on helping young people in the community live their best lives, then this CHC40421 Certificate IV in Youth Work qualification from Hader Institute of Education could be the ideal course for you.