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If you are the sort of person who can build a rapport with teenagers and gain their trust, then becoming a youth worker could be a rewarding career for you. You’ll need to be a natural leader, have good initiative and the openness to work with all kinds of people. Each individual case can be different, and might involve working through a range of complex issues including family problems, unemployment, illness, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, truancy, learning difficulties, rejection and isolation, crime, violence or bullying. 
While that list looks pretty intimidating, you can be sure that as a youth worker you are having a significant impact on your clients at a formative time in their lives. There is much for youth workers to do to build confidence and respect: from simply listening to the needs of their community’s young people, through to fostering community partnerships, identifying youth who are at risk and engaging with them through social programs. Support can come in many forms, and as a youth worker you might be providing individual crisis accommodation one day and running a community basketball competition the next.

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Kirana Colleges

A career in Community Services is a very rewarding one, allowing you to enrich the lives of others and use your compassion and skills to help them build a better life for themselves. Got a passion for helping others? The Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015) from Kirana can help you achieve just that.

Edith Cowan University Online

Get started in one of the most rewarding fields out there - counselling. This course explores foundational theories and equips you to deliver counselling across a range of modalities. 

100% online, you have the flexibility to study around other commitments. Continue on to complete a Masters to become a full-time counsellor.