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What is a Business Systems Analyst?

A Business Systems Analyst is an IT professional who assesses and reviews the technological operations of a company or organisation. They liaise with managers and executives to determine the needs of the business and formulate solutions to enhance the functionality of technology systems used within it.

Carrying out audits of both software and hardware, the Business Systems Analyst develops proposals based on the requirements of the company. Identifying redundancies and areas of inefficiency they offer recommendations for improvements and upgrades, helping to design updated business applications and implement new software and technologies.

While they maintain familiarity with current programming languages, hardware platforms and operating systems, Business Systems Analysts are not typically directly involved in developing new software or hardware. They focus on the overall strategies, cost analyses, design, user experience and implementation timelines.

What do Business Systems Analysts do?

  • Liaising with management and users to determine business requirements.
  • Investigating and analysing existing business systems and technologies.
  • Identifying and describing redundancies and areas of inefficiency.
  • Creating and presenting proposals and strategies to optimise system functionality and business practices.
  • Researching and recommending improvements to software and hardware.
  • Developing project plans outlining time estimates, cost analyses and resource management.
  • Overseeing implementation of solutions, system tests and software development.
  • Producing user documentation and training programs as well as functional specifications for system developers.

Career snapshot for Business Systems Analyst

  • The average age of working Business Systems Analysts is 42.
  • 74.90% of Business Systems Analysts are male.
  • 91.60% of Business Systems Analysts work full-time and on average they work around 38.4 hours per week.
  • With A Bachelor Degree or higher, Business Systems Analysts get paid $1,819 per week Before Tax.
  • Unemployment levels are average.
  • In 2015 records showed 26,100 employed Business Systems Analysts.
  • The projected growth of the profession is estimated to be moderate with employment numbers around 27,000 by 2020.