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What do I need to study to become a Marketing Manager?

Edith Cowan University

A Bachelor of Arts is a dynamic, cross-disciplinary course that enables students to turn their personal interests and passions into viable careers.

Western Sydney University

Build a rewarding career helping businesses thrive with this Bachelor of Business course from Western Sydney University.

General Assembly

Turn your creativity into a career with this industry-relevant practical online Digital Marketing Part-Time course from General Assembly.

MCI Institute

The Diploma of Business (BSB50215) is a comprehensive, versatile course for those wishing to gain the skills and knowledge needed to run a successful business.

Deakin University

The Master of Business Administration is one of Australia's premier business education programs for the business leaders of tomorrow.

AIM Business School

Demonstrate your career ambition and gain a thorough understanding of the current business management landscape with this online Master of Business Administration (MBA+).

Master of Business Administration (MBA+)

Demonstrate your career ambition and gain a thorough understanding of the current business management landscape with this online Master of Business Administration (MBA+).
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Deakin University

The Master of Communication equips students with the analytical, research and communication skills needed for higher-level careers in the communications and media industries.

Australian Institute of Business

Build stand-out skills in strategic leadership and management with this internationally recognised online Master of Business Administration course from the Australian Institute of Business.


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What is a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Managers govern the overall marketing activities of a company or organisation, overseeing the entire marketing team and all its endeavours. They drive the branding, advertising, and public relations strategies and campaigns, liaising with other department heads, such as sales and product development, in order to achieve a cohesive vision.

Leading initiatives to expand the customer base, the Marketing Manager organises and evaluates market research, identifies new business opportunities, develops the marketing strategy and maintains customer relationships. They create and enforce budgets, conduct brainstorming sessions and are responsible for managing the employees within their department.

Larger organisations sometimes employ multiple Marketing Managers, who report to a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), while in a small business the Marketing Manager may have a more hands on role requiring them to be more involved with the day-to-day operations of the department.

What do do?

  • Overseeing and managing employees within the marketing department.
  • Devising advertising and marketing strategies to achieve sales goals.
  • Brainstorming and developing marketing activities such as promotions, sponsorships and fundraisers.
  • Analysing market research results to identify and engage specific customer groups.
  • Supervising the creation and distribution of marketing and publicity materials.
  • Evaluating the impact and success of marketing campaigns, preparing reports and utilising the results to revise future strategies.
  • Proofreading and authorising written material to be used in marketing communications.
  • Communicating with media producers and maintaining the company’s public image.
  • Enlisting and directing creative designers and other outside agents to produce marketing material such as signage, television adverts and promotional materials.

Career snapshot for Marketing Manager

  • The average age of working is 41.
  • 62.30% of are male.
  • 89.50% of work full-time and on average they work around 42.9 hours per week.
  • With A Bachelor Degree or higher, get paid $1,858 per week Before Tax.
  • Unemployment levels are below average.
  • In 2015 records showed 125,900 employed .
  • The projected growth of the profession is estimated to be moderate with employment numbers around 132,500 by 2020.