Vivien Luu

Vivien Luu

Viv is a writer who enjoys researching and writing about creativity, how the human mind works, and neuro processes. She values creativity above all else and admires people who pursue their career dreams, no matter the sacrifice. In her spare time, she binges on HBO shows and epic fantasy novels.

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Happiness hacks from science

Posted 29 November 2016, by
Because I'm happy

Pharrell made it his biggest hit in 2014. And in 2015, happiness could be your biggest asset. We take a look at the hard science behind happiness and give you tips and tricks to get you feelin’ like a room without a roof.

Chronic stress. It’s the inevitable workplace hazard that increases your blood pressure and even shrinks your brain. If you need to go from burnt out to chilled out, we give you a closer look at the science of stress and provide some scientifically-proven hacks to ease your anxiety.

Company culture – it's that indefinable office vibe that, when done right, lifts morale, boosts productivity and produces bumper profits. From Google to Pixar, we lift the veil on 10 of the coolest office culture hacks, and learn it takes more than boozy lunches and a ping-pong table to cultivate an awesome workplace culture.