5 unconventional things to include in your resume

Get your resume to stand out

As the job market evolves over time, job applicants must too. Employers also develop new needs, and these needs must be addressed when applying for a job. If you want to stand out, the best thing to do is to stay ahead of the game and ensure your resume is impressive and on-trend. How? Here are five unconventional things you could include.

Social media links

We all know that employers nowadays scan your social media, so why not provide them with the links? Providing links on your resume or business card will not only show that you are tech savvy, but also give a sense of openness and transparency. Owning an active and popular social media account (e.g. Instagram) may even give your application a boost in some fields. In PR, marketing and advertising, the ability to develop and maintain a strong personal brand will translate into being able to promote and market products or businesses with modern media.

QR code

Working somewhere creative, like an ad agency? Use a QR code to link through to your LinkedIn page or website. QR codes are often used in modern advertising and marketing, so including one on your resume can show that you are aware of the latest trends and how to execute them.


Not only is travelling an incredible experience for yourself, but it is also impressive on a resume. Travelling helps you develop communication and negotiation skills, self-sufficiency and independence, cross-cultural understanding and a general knowledge of the world we live in. Each of these skills are applicable to professional success and thus, travel could be worthy of a place on your resume or cover letter. Unsure how to include it? Add an extra section titled ‘Other experience’. Alternatively, use succinct anecdotes to explain the connection between travelling and your skills, like ‘Planning for the trip improved my ability to budget effectively.’

Online learning

Many websites offer free online learning. For example, sites like coursera.org allow you to take courses from top universities and organisations for free. It may come as a surprise, but classifieds sites like Gumtree also offer training and even job opportunities across a range of industries. Including this education on your resume will show your willingness to learn and develop skills in your own time, meaning you will constantly be improving as an employee.

Blog or website

Do you run a blog or website? Include it on your resume! Unlike social media, which involves a simple sign up process, maintaining a blog or website takes time and dedication. It will give prospective employers a deeper insight into who you are and what you are passionate about – which is particularly useful if your passion aligns with the job you have applied for. With a growing need for technological proficiency, having your own website can also demonstrate your ability to design and communicate effectively.

Including any of the above on your resume will give you bonus points and help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. Each addresses all the skills employers are searching for in their candidates – being a self-starter, proficient with technology, having communication skills and creativity.