Parker Brent Courses

Parker Brent is a highly reputable Registered Training Organisation, with over two decades of experience in providing exceptional online Building and Construction studies.

They offer a range of courses, including the Certificate IV in Building and Construction and the Diploma of Building and Construction, to cater to the diverse needs of industry workers and aspiring professionals.

Their courses are delivered by industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the learning process with a goal-oriented education approach, designed to help students achieve their desired outcomes.

Students go to Parker Brent with a variety of aspirations, including becoming builders, building their own homes, changing careers, upgrading their skills, or engaging in property development.

To help students achieve their desired outcomes, Parker Brent offers tailored benefits that cater to their specific needs.

Aspiring builders can benefit from practice tests that improve knowledge, guidelines on how to apply for a license, and tips from current builders. Owner builders can benefit from the comprehensive checklist that guides them through the process.

For those new to the industry, Parker Brent offers free courses with an overview of the industry and project lifecycle, a glossary to equip them with key terminologies, and a guide to residential construction. Students looking to progress their career can benefit from Parker Brent's tips and interview skills, while those interested in property development can receive a checklist for developing property.

To support students in the digital age, Parker Brent provide free access to a world-class construction software, 'Wunderbuild'. This software is specifically designed to help students get ready for the changing construction market, giving them a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce.


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