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What do I need to study to become a Department Manager?


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What is a Department Manager?

Department Managers are responsible for governing all the functions of a particular division, such as sales or production, within a company or organisation. They oversee all staff within their department and implement strategies aimed at increasing productivity.

Conducting training and seminars to motivate and improve the skills of their employees, Department Managers continually assess the team’s productivity in order to help them achieve goals and targets.

Upholding company policies and guidelines, the Department Manager produces methods and processes that will benefit and enhance their division and, by extension, the business. They provide mentoring, implement company changes, hire, coach and assess employees to ensure maximum efficiency.

What do Department Managers do?

  • Enforcing company policies and guidelines.
  • Managing team members and maximising productivity.
  • Upholding and improving efficiency and company standards.
  • Recruiting, teaching and assessing staff.
  • Motivating employees and maintaining a safe, comfortable work environment.
  • Reporting to higher management on progress and performance.

Career snapshot for Department Manager

  • The average age of working Department Managers is 41.
  • 62.30% of Department Managers are male.
  • 89.50% of Department Managers work full-time and on average they work around 42.9 hours per week.
  • With A Bachelor Degree or higher, Department Managers get paid $1,858 per week Before Tax.
  • Unemployment levels are below average.
  • In 2015 records showed 125,900 employed Department Managers.
  • The projected growth of the profession is estimated to be moderate with employment numbers around 132,500 by 2020.