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What do I need to study to become an Administration Manager?


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What is an Administration Manager?

Administration Managers have many duties pertaining to the organisation, planning and operational support of a company. They maintain the effective flow of information, ensure that an organisation’s resources are managed efficiently, and provide advice to senior management on administrative issues like staff management, information services and financial plans.

Either working alone or supervising other employees, the Administration Manager oversees the day-to-day operation of the office; ordering supplies, maintaining office equipment and scheduling meetings. They are also generally responsible for handling budgets, managing cash-flow and reducing operational costs in conjunction with the accounts department.

Another common area that an Administration Manager might oversee is human resources activities such as hiring and training. They are often involved in reviewing applications, conducting interviews, processing paperwork and handling performance reviews and disciplinary actions.

What do Administration Managers do?

  • Maintaining and overseeing administrative, financial and human resources.
  • Supplying information and advice on the preparation of budgets, and finance reports.
  • Managing and training administrative staff to facilitate effective information flow and efficient business operations.
  • Supervising the day-to-day running of the office.
  • Devising and implementing operational and administrative guidelines and procedures.
  • Providing administrative and operational support and advice to senior management.
  • Conducting research and analysing resource management initiatives.

Career snapshot for Administration Manager

  • The average age of working Administration Managers is 49.
  • 48.60% of Administration Managers are male.
  • 83.50% of Administration Managers work full-time and on average they work around 37.8 hours per week.
  • With A Bachelor Degree or higher, Administration Managers get paid N/A.
  • Unemployment levels are average.
  • In 2015 records showed 9,900 employed Administration Managers.
  • The projected growth of the profession is estimated to be moderate with employment numbers around 10,600 by 2020.