Here’s why marketing is the career for you

Work in marketing for a creative and fulfilling careerIf you’re good at crafting words, like a challenge and enjoy keeping your finger on the pulse, a marketing career could be the perfect choice for you. With the industry growing every year and new jobs being created, now is the perfect time to start a career in marketing.

Here are three benefits that a marketing career can offer you.

1. Variety

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic field and there’s always a diverse range of jobs you can work in. Jobs in marketing can range from consumer research, social media and direct sales, all the way through to blogs, mobile apps and ecommerce.

Marketing also gives you the opportunity to specialise in a specific field or job you enjoy, such as in toy sales or to branch out into other neighbouring fields like advertising, communications or public relations.

2. Job progression opportunities

With marketing industry continuing to experience growth and innovation, there are lots of opportunities for you to also work your way up the ladder and work in a managerial or consultancy capacity.

Considering the strategic importance of these higher-level jobs, such senior positions are highly prestigious in larger companies and often come with a lucrative salary. In Sydney, salaries for management and executive positions start from around $90,000 and go up to $180,000.


Marketing is one of the most creative industries you can be in and requires you to think outside the box. It gives you the freedom and opportunity to use your imagination and try out new ideas.

With all businesses in need of marketing, the vast majority of industries and sectors you can work in will encourage you to be innovative and pursue new ways of doing things.

At the end of the day, marketing comes down to understanding what makes people tick. Through research and your role, you’ll meet a wide variety of people and learn to understand human behaviour at a deeper level.

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