And the 2015 scholarship winner is…

We’re excited to announce that the winner of the CourseFinder Scholarship for 2015 is teaching student, Renae White!

We were inspired by Renae’s passion for education, and her desire to drive social change as a teacher.

Renae is currently in her final year of a Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching, and recently completed her placement at a low socioeconomic status school in Queensland. The experience was an eye-opening one for Renae, who was shocked to discover such a large proportion of her students had had their education neglected due to family issues and economic hardship.


Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking moments was realising a quiet and attentive Year 7 student of hers wasn’t too shy to read – she simply didn’t know how to.

‘Instead of reading the slide, she looked up at me and whispered, “I can’t read”,’ says Renae, who was profoundly affected by this moment.

It’s not an uncommon problem, says Renae, who has encountered many students who have similar learning difficulties.

‘These students, because their skills are so basic or lacking, have no interest in being at school. They play up in class, they don’t want to participate and they often don’t see the point in education.’

Renae is determined to make a difference and help her students better their lives by ‘instilling in [them] a passion for learning and the ability to achieve their goals.’

Armed with the CourseFinder scholarship, she intends to complete a range of professional development short courses to help her intervene when she suspects students are experiencing challenges like domestic violence at home, and create an inclusive classroom for students suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

She also plans on purchasing reading and literacy software as a teaching resource for students requiring extra help.

‘As an educator… I believe that education is key to social innovation and the success of both the individual and society as a whole,’ says Renae.

And at CourseFinder, we couldn’t agree more!

Education has the power to change lives, irrespective of whether you’re a Year 7 student struggling to read, a return-to-work mum looking to upskill, or a young professional keen on a career change.

Congratulations, Renae! We couldn’t be more pleased to award the 2015 CourseFinder scholarship to an individual who is so passionate about changing lives through education.

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