HECS-HELP: what does it mean?

Am I eligible?

You must:

  • Be studying in a subsidised enrolment at university – known as a Commonwealth Supported Place.
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder.
  • Enrol with an approved provider, by the census date.

When do I starting paying back my loan?

You’ll start repaying your HELP debt once your taxable income reaches the compulsory repayment threshold. This threshold is adjusted every year.

The threshold for 2019-20 is $45,881.

Disclaimer: This information is correct at the time of publishing, but is subject to change under the current government’s higher education reforms. The figures provided are applicable for the 2019-20 $45,881 financial year only. For more information, visit StudyAssist [www.studyassist.gov.au].
2019-2020 repayment rates
2019-2020 Repayment ratesRepayment % rate
Below $45,881NIL
$52,974- $56,1512.0%
$59,522 – $63,0922.5%
$63,093 – $66,8773.0%
$66,878 – $70,8903.5%
$70,891 – $75,1444.0%
$75,145 – $79,6524.5%
$79,653 – $84,4325.0%
$84,433 – $89,4985.5%

To get started with your HECS-HELP application, or for more information, you can head to the StudyAssist website.

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