Developing AI Strategy

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    29 October 2018

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  • In a Nutshell

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) from RMIT Online has come a long way from the ‘expert systems' of the 1980s. Forget about Skynet and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today's neural networks and machine learning algorithms are more likely to drive an autonomous car, analyse property markets, power a chatbot or help with clinical diagnoses and suggest treatments. In fact, the real challenge facing AI isn't potential applications, it's getting companies to recognise them. That's why we created Developing AI Strategy.

    With 31% of enterprises expected to add AI into their strategy over the next 12 months (Adobe), it's never been more important to upskill. This is an industry-approved short course, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), that explores AI's potential to disrupt your business. Master the AI basics, make agile decisions, and get ahead of the curve.

  • What You'll Need to Get In

    There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • Subject Breakdown

    In this Developing AI Strategy course, the subjects you may study include:

    • Module 1

    Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

    Understand AI and Machine Learning

    Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

    Technology fundamentals

    • Module 2

    Global use cases

    Business applications across products, processes and insights

    Robotics and automation

    Natural language Processing

    Autonomous Vehicles

    • Module 3

    Frameworks for identifying AI/ML opportunities


    Business casing

    Risks and limitations

    • Module 4

    Delivery and operating models for data projects

    People and resources

    Collaboration frameworks

    Executing projects

    • Module 5

    Platforms and Tools

    Technology Landscape

    AWS technology deep dive

    Data & Cloud strategy

    • Module 6

    Building POC

    Select business opportunity to build a POC

    Understand requirements to build a POC

    • Module 7

    Developing Your AI Strategy

    Cloud and data strategy

    Optimising business case for ROI

    Anticipate risks and limitations

    Roadmap/implementation plan

    • Module 8

    Responsible AI

    AI & Society

    Ethical considerations

    The Future of AI

  • Why RMIT Online?

    Looking for a world-class education experience that you can receive from the comfort of your own home? Turn to RMIT Online! Check out their range of online degrees or upskill faster with a short course and prepare to excel your career. With RMIT Online, you’ll build real-world skills, work closely with their respected industry partners and get the knowledge to transform your career. Being RMIT accredited means you’ll be recognised by one of the most innovative and respected technology institutions in Australia.

    Studying online doesn’t mean you have to go through the learning journey solo. When you study with RMIT Online you’ll be connected with a support team and a global network of industry experts, academics and peers, who will help you every step of the way. Whether you have a technical issue, feel bogged down and need someone to talk to or struggling with an assignment - they’ve got the right people to help get you to where you want to be.

  • Where will this course take you?

    Upon successful completion of this Developing AI Strategy course from RMIT Online participants will be able to:

    • Understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
    • Use Amazon Web Services tools to master the basic AI applications
    • Create an AI business plan for your industry
    • Learn the ethics and challenges surrounding AI
    • Identify how AI can improve your particular business
    • Communicate the benefits of AI to wider stakeholders
  • Career Outcomes

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