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Information technology makes the world go around. It involves the study, development and use of systems that store and distribute information, especially computers and telecommunications. All businesses incorporate an element of information technology in some capacity, so there’s no shortage of job opportunities in this industry. Information technology courses cover a wide range of areas and equip students to work in a variety of technology-based settings. As an IT student, you’ll develop advanced knowledge of computer systems and the skills to apply that knowledge in a professional environment. Graduates of information technology courses can go on to become anything from IT support professionals to developers of new applications and computer programs. 

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"La Trobe University"

Learn to harness key AI technologies and applications that spark innovation, drive change and improve business outcomes across multiple industries with this Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence qualification from La Trobe University.

Australian Institute of Management Education & Training

Learn all about available AI technologies and how to use them to get the most out of them with this AI as Your CoPilot short course from Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Education and Training.