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Last modified: 05 May 2020

In a Nutshell

Breaking a habit, no matter how big or small is a process, not an event. Now you can provide clients with the tools and ongoing support to not only break their habits but understand the science of habit change when you study the Habit Change Practitioner Course (HCPC).

HCPC is an evidence-based approach to creating permanent change in people's lives. We are opening the doors to this pioneering practitioner training, based on the latest research into habit change out of Bond University. This is a certification and is designed to help you help clients – whatever your profession or industry. It's about creating lasting change by focusing on the neuroscience of change and automaticity. The days of motivation and forced action make way for the power of habit change, achievement becomes natural, normal, permanent and automatic.

This breakthrough science will equip you with the latest tools for change. As a certified practitioner, you can use our methodology with clients, teams and of course, yourself.

These classes are delivered live online by Dr Gina Cleo, with recordings available. It is delivered in understandable, practical language. The methodologies will place you at the forefront of this new and emerging industry, where you can make lifelong differences in the lives of others.

  • What You'll Need to Get In


    There are no formal prerequisites for this course. 

  • Subject Breakdown

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    In this course, there are 12 modules:

    • Defining habit
    • Triggers
    • Forming habits
    • Breaking habits
    • Automaticity
    • Habits versus Behaviours
    • Micro habits
    • Implementation intentions
    • Goal-setting essentials and pitfalls
    • The brain and habits
    • Barriers and Facilitators of Habit Change
    • The Art of Motivating Clients (Motivational Interviewing)
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  • Why Life In Balance Careers?

    Take your life, business and passion to the next level when you study with Life in Balance Careers. Excel your career, start your own consultancy and do good for others with online courses to become a Coach or Habit Change Practitioner. Life in Balance Careers have a long and successful 25+ year history with more than 250,000 people having already attended their workshops, courses and coaching sessions and presentations. Their mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of 1 million people globally.  The possibilities for you and your clients are endless, so enquire about a Life in Balance Careers course today and discover a world of opportunity that awaits.  

    Life in Balance Careers has a 30-year history in training and developing professionals who want to work with clients in one to one scenarios, team environments, group coaching and run private or group coaching programs, workshops, and help individuals and businesses with culture change, strategic planning, people development and transformation. Life in Balance Careers offers a range of programs and courses based on psychological principles and evidence-based methodologies.

    The possibilities for you, your business and your clients are endless, so enquire about a course today and discover a world of opportunity that awaits.

    Life in Balance Careers is about helping you find your own version of success. It is more than just a course as you may receive ongoing mentoring, business support, online resources, materials and IP. As a “student” of Life in Balance Careers, you’ll have access to an extremely high-level support system that is live and ongoing in many locations.

Where Will This Course Take You?

Upon successful completion of this course, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion. 

You can be confident the methodologies you'll be exposed to will place you at the forefront of this new and emerging industry. You'll have the next level of understanding the science behind long-term habit change and armed with this certification, you are entitled to deliver the Habit Change methodologies to paying clients as a Habit Change Practitioner, charging upwards of $100/hour.

Evidence-based habit change can help in all areas of life and endeavour. It can be applied within relationships and friendships, people who want to better their health or excel in sports, those who want to better themselves in business, lose weight and much more.

You may also decide to continue with our Senior Habit Change Practitioner course which you'll be going to another level of understanding the science behind long-term habit change. This will be extremely beneficial to paying clients. you'll also be entitled to offer mentor hours to practitioner level students.

Wondering where a career in coaching could take you? Potential job outcomes may include; Sporting Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach.

Let's Talk Price

The full fee for this course is $5950. There are a range of payment options.

Enquire now to find out more about payment details. 

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