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How to become an enrolled nurse: Australian careers in nursing

Enrolled nursing is a diverse and fulfilling career. The roles enrolled nurses play in the health care system are among the most important, and they work in many different settings including acute hospital wards, operating theatres and aged care facilities. From administering medication and working with doctors and other members of medical staff, to responding to emergencies and supporting patients and families, the role of an enrolled nurse is diverse. There are many different ways to become an enrolled nurse in Australia, with opportunities to progress.

  • Task Career in focus: What an enrolled nurse does

    The duties of an enrolled nurse can range from physically supporting a patient to more complex degrees of care. The type of hospital and region may mean that your specific job responsibilities will vary, but the underlying responsibilities are the same from hospital to hospital. Tasks will be delegated by the registered nurse responsible for you, and you will be expected to administer medication, use medical equipment, observe patients and support their families, while working with other medical professionals such as registered nurses, specialist nurses, physiotherapists and others.


    • Work closely with doctors, registered nurses and other hospital staff
    • Administer treatments
    • Correctly use medical instruments
    • Provide support and information to patients and their families
  • Skills Core qualities: Skills to succeed as an enrolled nurse

    A career as an enrolled nurse can be demanding yet highly rewarding. You get the chance to have a direct effect on the quality of people's lives. To become an enrolled nurse it is important that you are a compassionate person, and you value the health and well being of all in your care. Along with this you need to be patient, have great time management skills, and an exceptional eye for detail. 

    • Compassionate and caring attitude
    • Eye for detail
    • Excellent time management
    • Clear and concise communication skills
    • Able to work effectively under pressure
  • Specialisations The field: Specialisations within nursing

    The position of an enrolled nurse encompasses many different areas. From mental health to remote care, there are many different specialisations available for enrolled nurses to branch into. Below are some specialisations that you can pursue, but there are many more roles available.

    Mental health

    Mental health nurses are trained to be experts in assessing and diagnosing mental health disorders. There is the opportunity to specialise in treating a specific age group, such as children or the elderly. Applications are dependent on clinical experience, and a residency may be required as part of further training and education.

    Remote area nurse

    Remote area nurses are in high demand. It is the responsibility of these nurses to operate in rural areas where health care facilities are usually scarce. You will need three years' experience in nursing practice before becoming a remote nurse. Postings can include working with remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities.

    Registered nurse

    Qualifying as an enrolled nurse may be the first step towards becoming a registered nurse. A registered nurse has completed their Bachelor of Nursing, is registered with the NMBA, and is therefore able to work unsupervised, providing care and information to patients and their families.

  • Pathways The right track: Find study options for becoming an enrolled nurse

    There are many career opportunities available for an enrolled nurse. From entry-level roles to specialised fields, enrolled nurses play a vital part in patient care and administering treatment.

    Starting Out

    These vocational courses will allow you to join the nursing profession in an entry-level role, such as Enrolled Nurse, requiring supervision from senior staff.

    Building Skills

    Study for career advancement. Qualify as a Registered Nurse or pursue a career specialisation.

    Developing Your Resume

    These study options will enable you to pursue high-level employment options requiring extensive qualification or specialisation in a particular nursing field.

    Industry Recognition

    You must enrol with your state authority in order to practise as an enrolled nurse. See our resources section below to find information relevant to your state or territory.

    Entering the Workforce

    Now it’s time to put your training to good use and get ahead in your nursing career. Take a look at our sample resume and cover letter and put your best foot forward when you apply for nursing jobs.

    Job prospects in nursing: Working life as an enrolled nurse

    There is never a better time to become an enrolled nurse than now. With enrolled nursing jobs in demand in many different areas, begin your study today and start a rewarding and exciting career with the opportunity to progress.

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