How to become a stonemason: Australian careers in building and construction

Stonemasons get to use their creativity and analytical mind to craft and cut different types of stones working in a lot of different areas like construction, sculpture, ornamental or heritage and restoration work. Stonemasons work on a large variety of projects and because a lot of work is involved on loud, busy construction sites and around heavy machinery, you will require a certain level of work, health and safety qualifications.

  • Task Career in focus: What a stonemason does

    Stonemasons not only create artistic sculptures but also play an important role in repairing and restoring precious sites, engrave statues or tombstones or perhaps carefully cleaning and caring for valuable stones like marble or limestone. Stonemasons use a wide-range of tools, depending on what they chose to specialise in. You will need to learn basic to advanced techniques, from handwork to complex power tools for cutting large slabs of rock. To excel in your craft, you should have a natural passion for stonemasonry, and actively seek out new advancements in technology to help make you even better at your job.


    • Responsibility for the cutting, shaping and safe transportation of stone
    • Design of concepts
    • Engraving and cleaning stone
    • Repairs, restoration and maintenance of precious stones
    • Stone paving
  • Skills Core qualities: Skills to succeed as a stonemason

    As a stonemason, you must be good at your craft, creatively as well as technically. You must be able to work well with your hands, as well as understand the technical and practical elements of working with different types of stone. The stonemason trade holds a proud history of culture and tradition but remains up-to-date with modern techniques and new technologies, allowing you to be more flexible and effective in your work, whilst still producing high quality products.

    • Ability to meet the physical requirements of stonemasonry work, as well as the technical and practical side
    • Ability to learn new techniques and concepts quickly
    • Enjoy working creatively with your hands
  • Specialisations The field: Specialisations within stonemasonry

    Most stonemasonries start out with the same skills and knowledge, by acquiring basic abilities through entry-level courses, which offer practical and theoretical studies. There are a lot of pathways and specialties in this particular craft that are available to you.


    Engravers work both for individuals as well as organisations to shape letters, numbers, symbols and pictures into stone. The most common job in this specialisation is working in cemeteries and memorials, working your craft into tombstones and monuments, which hold great value to visitors. This can be very meticulous work, with most engravers using hand tools to carve in historical information, loved ones’ names or decorative features to create a serene and attractive environment.

    Banker Masons

    If you like the idea of working on large construction sites, banker masons work with companies to deliver large amounts of stone to building sites. As a banker mason, you will need to be able to read architectural plans and complete complex calculations in order to determine exact measurements and quantities of the stone required, as well as able to install the stone safely.

    Carver Masons

    If you enjoy the more artistic side of things, working as a carver mason might be for you, where you usually work on commission or submit proposals in order to win work, adding your own creative or artistic design. This form of work can be at times competitive, but the reward of accomplishment for your own creative ideas is great.
  • Pathways The right track: Find study options for becoming a stonemason

    It is not mandatory to complete these courses, but highly recommended if you wish to set yourself up as a sought after employee. Most work will require you to obtain a Construction Induction Card, which allows you to safely work in construction sites and around machinery.

    Starting Out

    Get your career in construction industry started with some entry-level courses.

    Building Skills

    Work towards an industry recognised qualification to improve your credentials.

    Developing Your Resume

    Move your career along and pull together a great skills profile to further your career goals. This can be achieved through further study and gaining experience in the field.

    Industry Recognition

    Getting your Construction Induction Card is a prerequisite to work in the stone masonry industry in every state and territory in Australia.

    Entering the Workforce

    Put your training to good use and get the best professional head start in your stonemasonry career. Emphasise your personal strengths and achievements in your resume and target your cover letter to the job description listed.

    Job Prospects in Stonemasonry: Working life as a stonemason

    There is expected to be a slight growth in stonemason employment rates over the next five years with an average level of job opportunities opening up.

Stonemasonry Industry Resources:

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