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What do I need to study to become a Marketing Research Assistant?

Western Sydney University

Turn your creative mind to the exciting challenge of shaping young learners with this Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) course from Western Sydney University.

Western Sydney University

Build industry-ready skills for a uniquely rewarding career with this combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business course from Western Sydney University.

General Assembly

Turn your creativity into a career with this industry-relevant practical online Digital Marketing Part-Time course from General Assembly.


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What is a Marketing Research Assistant?

Marketing Research Assistants help with the collection and analysis of data and information gathered to help companies focus and refine their marketing strategies.
This information can be obtained through either quantitative or qualitative research and is aimed at enabling a company to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems, monitor and predict consumer trends and refine and evaluate their marketing strategy.

Systematically gathering and analysing data from a number of sources such as focus groups, interviews, company records and surveys, the Marketing Research Assistant aides in linking manufacturers, customers and end-users to the marketer, thus allowing the marketer to more accurately and successfully develop a targeted campaign.

What do Marketing Research Assistants do?

  • Collating information from numerous sources such as focus groups, company records, surveys and interviews.
  • Analysing data in order to identify market opportunities and consumer trends
  • Communicating results to clients and generating reports.
  • Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies to obtain market details.

Career snapshot for Marketing Research Assistant

  • The average age of working Marketing Research Assistants is 32.
  • 34.60% of Marketing Research Assistants are male.
  • 77.60% of Marketing Research Assistants work full-time and on average they work around 40.5 hours per week.
  • With A Certificate III or IV, Marketing Research Assistants get paid $850 per week Before Tax.
  • Unemployment levels are average.
  • In 2015 records showed 47,500 employed Marketing Research Assistants.
  • The projected growth of the profession is estimated to be moderate with employment numbers around 53,500 by 2020.