Emily Garbutt

Emily Garbutt

Business, and travel passionate freelance copywriter. Writing since 2009, drifting artist prior. I write copy where creativity meets professionalism.

Will an MBA Increase My Salary

Many of you will have heard of the MBA spoken of in hushed reverent tones as people mingle in the corporate world. When it comes to salaries the MBA is like a golden goose. Is it really though? What is the truth? Will an MBA increase your salary? Let’s look at known facts and statistics to […]

How to choose between an MBA and Masters

If you are wondering what is the difference between an MBA, and Masters look no further. In this article, we will summarise what an MBA is and what a Masters is. Then, we will help you to clarify the differences, and choose between the two. MBA Vs Masters – The Showdown Before we get into […]