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Fashion: take one step outside your door and you just can’t escape it. Some would love to, but then there are others who just couldn’t live without it. If you can spot a Louboutin at 20 paces then you’re definitely in the latter category, and it might be time to do something about it. Long after the fig leaf, the toga and the muslin dress, and somewhere around the mid 1800s, the fashion designer was born. They took some crazy turns with the bustle and the corset, then things got all hectic with the mass produced pop prints and ubiquitous blue jean, ending up where we are now. But where are we exactly? We’re kind of everywhere: mass produced and artisan, architectural and deconstructed, eco-friendly, ironic, ethically-produced… the list goes on. If this is a language you understand and a world you’d trade in your Louis Vuitton just to be a part of, then it’s good news: as a fashion designer today you really can forge your own path. But it’s not all fanciful sketches, photo-shoots and draping fabric over dreamy models. You’ll need to understand the design process, production drawing, fabric and fibre, patternmaking and garment construction. And that’s just to make the clothes. Then there’s understanding environmentally-sustainable practices, collaboration, ethical sourcing and production costing to make sure you’re doing things right.

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