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If you have a strong sense of social justice and are looking for a job with meaning, then criminology may be a good direction for you. Forensics is a popular and ever-developing field, but the wider discipline of criminology also goes far beyond evidence-gathering and interpretation to include roles across the police and corrective and criminal justice services. As a student of crime you will learn about the origins and consequences of wrong-doing and, most importantly, how to maintain that careful balance between civil liberties and law enforcement that results in a safe and free society. And not too many disciplines can boast that kind of knowledge at their core.


Potential criminology career outcomes include: Community Development Officer, Policy and Project Officer, Corrections Officer, Immigration Officer, Parole Officer, Social Justice Researcher, Policy Analyst, Project Manager, Research Designer.

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Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice online course by Griffith University is a broad-based social science degree examining crime and the criminal justice system.
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Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
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